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    SL-20 20W 388L*145W*55H
    SL-24 24W 388L*145W*55H
    SL-30 30W 388L*145W*55H
    SL-36 36W 388L*145W*55H
    SL-40 40W 385L*165W*57H
    SL-45 45W 385L*165W*57H
    SL-60 60W 385L*165W*57H
    SL-72 72W 462L*231W*80H
    SL-90 90W 462L*231W*80H
    SL-120 120W 520L*260W*85H
    SL-150 150W 520L*260W*85H

    SL Series LED Light Solution is for heavy duty Street Lighting, Campus, Garden, Pathways and allows people to be free to enjoy outdoors.

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    DEWLITE LED Advantages

    long-life-icon Life Long
    energy-efficiency-icon Energy Efficient
    ecologically-friendly-icon Ecologically Friendly
    low-voltage-icon Low Voltage
    durable-quality-icon Durable Quality
    testimonia Light Dispersement
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    Dewlite SL Series LED Street Light are Eco-friendly and energy efficient. Ideal for Outdoor LED Lighting Solution in India. Features of Dewlite LED Street Light are Low power consumption, Elegant structure designed to dissipate heat, Soft & uniform light. Outstanding quality, a complete, all-round service and committed, competent employees are also a part of Dewlite. This makes Dewlite a strong and reliable partner for you and your LED lighting requirement, both today and in the future. Proudly made in India.